Cycling security

We are creating more secure and conveniently placed cycle parking places in London and are working with our policing partners to tackle cycle theft.

Removing a major barrier to cycling in London

A shortage of safe and convenient cycle parking is a major barrier to the uptake of cycling in the capital. Increasing the quantity and quality of cycle parking is therefore a priority.

We want people to be confident their bike will be where they left it when they return and provide new opportunities for integrated transport (cycle/train) and bike trips to new destinations. TfL has a comprehensive cycle parking programme which delivers cycle parking at schools, workplaces, stations, in residential areas and on-street, in order to provide spaces at both the beginning and the end of cycle trips.

TfL works with a number of delivery partners to secure and deliver cycle parking across London to both cater for current demand and the projected growth in cycling. These partners include London boroughs, Network Rail, Train Operating Companies, private business and developers.  As a result, the Mayor’s aim of securing the delivery of 66,000 additional cycle parking spaces by 2012 was met a year early with 67,208 additional spaces secured by the end of March 2011.

The Cycle Security Plan and Cycle Taskforce

The Cycle Security Plan was published by TfL and policing partners in 2010 and sets out plans to prevent and deter cycle theft and criminal damage. Read the Cycle Security Plan (external website).

A key part of the plan was the establishment of the MPS Cycle Task Force, funded by TfL. This is a dedicated unit of police officers set up to tackle cycle theft and improve cycle security and safety across London. Since June 2010, over 23,000 bikes have been cycle security marked and registered by the Cycle Task Force. Since June 2010 the Cycle Task Force have made over 250 arrests and reunited numerous Londoners with their stolen bikes. Find out more about upcoming bike marking events (external website).