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Accessible London: Achieving an Inclusive Environment Supplementary Planning Guidance

28 October 2014

The Mayor has published supplementary planning guidance Accessible London: achieving an Inclusive Environment

This SPG provides guidance on the implementation of London Plan Policy 7.2 An inclusive environment and of other policies in the Plan with specific reference to inclusive design. It also provides guidance on Lifetime Neighbourhoods to support London Plan Policy 7.1 Building London’s neighbourhoods and communities. One of the Mayor’s aims for London is that everyone, whether resident, visitor or worker, is able to participate and enjoy all that the city has to offer. To help achieve this aim the London Plan 2011 includes a number of policies which promote an inclusive environment to help ensure that all of London’s diverse communities can contribute to London’s growing economy and enjoy a high quality of life.  The Accessible London SPG provides advice to boroughs, developers, designers and planning applicants on implementing inclusive design principles effectively and on creating an accessible environment in London, with particular emphasis on the access needs of disabled and older people. This SPG:

  • Provides guidance on the policies contained in the London Plan regarding the creation and promotion of an accessible and inclusive environment.
  • Gives local planning authorities advice on how to incorporate and implement these policies.
  • Explains the principles of inclusive design and how these principles should be applied in London.
  • Gives designers ideas on where to find good technical advice and guidance.
  • Provides disabled people, older people and others who experience barriers in the built environment with an understanding of what to expect from planning in London.
  • Identifies legislation and national planning policy guidance relevant to the promotion of an inclusive environment.
  • Provides signposts to other relevant London Plan SPG documents and Implementation Guides which impact on the delivery of an inclusive environment.
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