Landlords - why you should sign up

The London Rental Standard sets new standards in the private rented sector and helps Londoners rent with confidence.


Why you should sign up

Accredited landlords can enjoy peace of mind that they’re complying with the law and offering a good service to their tenants.

Watch landlords and agents talk about the advantages of the London Rental Standard:

Getting accredited

To join the scheme, simply choose a London Rental Standard provider below, and sign up for a one-day course to learn about renting out property. Courses cost £80-£125, while RLA and NLA members can take advantage of discounted or free courses on-line. It’s useful training, even for experienced landlords. You must take the course once every five years to stay accredited.

You’ll also need to sign a code of practice and declare you’re a ‘fit and proper person’.

Saving you money with Endsleigh and mydeposits

We’re working with Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited and mydeposits, the tenancy deposit scheme, because being a good landlord shouldn’t mean you’re out of pocket.

Accredited landlords who take out buildings insurance with Endsleigh get free 24 hour home emergency cover, covering up to £500, which would normally cost £59.50. This includes call out charges, labour, parts and materials for emergency repairs. The emergency home cover includes central heating failure in winter, burst pipes, flooding and repairs after break-ins, plus alternative accommodation for your tenants if the property is uninhabitable. Register your details with Endsleigh (terms and conditions apply).

Accredited landlords receive discounts with deposit protection scheme, mydeposits. The one-off joining fee’s just £5, instead of the standard £14.40. mydeposits are also offering LRS landlords a 30 per cent discount on every deposit they protect. That makes this is the cheapest way to hold the deposit whilst meeting your legal obligations.

Deposit Value

Mydeposits protection fee
for LRS landlords

Standard mydeposits protection fee

Up to £500



Over £500



To find out more about either of these offers, visit the Endsleigh website and mydeposits website.

Approved London Rental Standard providers

The following organisations are approved London Rental Standard providers for landlords. All of these organisations provide accreditation that meets the London Rental Standard. However each offers different benefits to landlords, so choose the scheme that suits you.

If you’re already accredited with any of these providers, you can join the London Rental Standard at no extra cost. Just ask them about the scheme. 

London Landlord Accreditation Scheme (LLAS)

LLAS is an accreditation scheme administered by Camden Council on behalf of all London boroughs. It provides training and professional development for landlords and agents to raise housing standards in London and the South East. Find out more about this scheme on the LLAS website.

Private Rented Sector Accreditation Scheme (PRSAS)

The PRSAS is administered by the Guild of Residential Landlords, a landlords association operating nationally. The PRSAS provides online and face-to-face accreditation, CPD and training for landlords and letting agents. Find out more about this scheme on the PRSAS website.  

National Landlords Association (NLA)

NLA is a professional association for private residential landlords. It offers accreditation to landlords in London and across the UK, through both online and face-to-face training and professional development. Find out more about this scheme on the NLA website.

Residential Landlords Association (RLA)

The RLA is a professional association for private residential landlords. It offers accreditation to landlords in London and across the UK, via online and face-to-face training and professional development through the Residential Landlords Association Accreditation Scheme (RLAAS). Find out more about this scheme on the RLA website.

Once you have completed your accreditation you’ll receive the London Rental Standard badge, and an accreditation number. You can then claim the offer from Endsleigh. To claim your discounted mydeposits membership fee you will need to use a special LRS promoter code issued by mydeposits. Get your promoter code from the mydeposits website.

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