All London Green Grid

The All London Green Grid (ALGG) is a policy framework to promote the design and delivery of green infrastructure across London.  It has been developed to support London Plan policies on green infrastructure and urban greening, and those relating to open spaces, biodiversity, trees & woodland, and river corridors.  It comprises the All London Green Grid Supplementary Planning Guidance and a series of ALGG Area Frameworks which identify objectives and projects at a sub-regional level.

The ALGG encourages the establishment of a multifunctional network of high quality open spaces connecting town centres, public transport hubs, major employment and residential areas with parks and open spaces, the Thames and the green urban fringe. It also promotes the greening of the urban environment.

Policy 2.18 of the London Plan calls for the protection, promotion, and management of London’s network of green infrastructure. The ALGG aims to:

  • Increase access to open space.
  • Conserve landscapes and the natural environment and increase access to nature.
  • Adapt the city to the impacts of climate change.
  • Make sustainable travel connections and promote cycling and walking.
  • Encourage healthy living.
  • Promote sustainable food growing.
  • Enhance visitor destinations and boots the visitor economy.
  • Promote green skills and sustainable approaches to design, management and maintenance.

Working in Partnership

A wide variety of partners (including London boroughs, other land-owners and environmental organisations) are involved in the delivery of the ALGG. The Greater London Authority aims to support and coordinate this partnership. We summarise how we will provide this support in Taking forward the All London Green Grid.

ALGG Area Frameworks

Eleven ALGG Area Frameworks have been produced which expand on the implementation points and strategic opportunities set out in the ALGG Supplementary Planning Guidance. These have been produced by All London Green Grid Area Groups.

The East London Green Grid

An East London Green Grid primer and essays explains the original rationale for green infrastructure in London. The ELGG Programme Review sets out some of the economic, social and environmental benefits of the programme.