Clearing London's air

The Mayor is working hard to improve the capital's air through his new Air Quality Strategy 'Clearing the air'. Find out how.

We want our city be one of the cleanest and greenest in the world to ensure that people living here enjoy a great quality of life and to attract jobs and investment.

London's air quality is much better than it was decades ago, but more needs to be done to deliver further improvements. The Mayor has outlined a strategy of measures to tackle air pollution, to find out more please see the Mayor's Air Quality Strategy (PDF4.98MB).

To reduce emissions from transport we are:

  • Cleaning up London's bus fleet;
  • Capping the age of London's taxi and private hire fleet;
  • Setting new and tighter standards for the London Low Emission Zone;
  • Encouraging the uptake of electric and other low emission vehicles;
  • Investing record amounts in cycling.

To reduce emissions from buildings and developments we are:

  • Improving energy efficiency in 55,000 homes through the RE:NEW programme and 400 public buildings through the RE:FIT programme, saving tonnes of oxides of nitrogen and carbon dioxide;
  • Making construction and demolition sites cleaner to improve local air pollution;
  • Embedding air quality within the planning system.

Over the Mayor’s next term, we will be building upon these successes and continuing to improve air quality.

Air quality is all of our responsibility. Find out how you can do help to improve London’s air quality.

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