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About us

The London Resilience Team supports the work of the London Resilience Partnership and delivery of the Mayor of London's responsibilities for resilience.

We have a permanent core of GLA staff, supported by dedicated advisors from partner organisations (Metropolitan Police Service, London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, London Ambulance Service, NHS England (London) and Environment Agency)

You can follow the work of London Resilience Team, and be provided with advice and information on preparing for emergencies, on Twitter.

Our History

London Resilience Team was formed in April 2002 following a Government study into London's preparedness to deal with an incident on the scale of the September 11 terrorist attacks.  It was part of the Government Office for London and modelled on the smaller but similarly constituted team formed in 1998 to coordinate multi-agency preparations for Y2K (Year 2000 or The Millennium Bug). The team included representatives from different sectors such as the Emergency Services, Local Authorities, Utility companies and transport organisations.  The London Resilience Team developed a plans and procedures covering a range of multi-agency capabilities which would be needed in the event of an emergency affecting London.  The work was based on the local procedures developed by the London Emergency Services Liaison Panel, which first met in 1973.

A series of non-terrorist incidents in the 90's and early 00's (fuel crisis, flooding and foot and mouth disease) led to a wider Government review of emergency planning in the UK. The product of this was the Civil Contingencies Act in 2004 and the development of Regional Resilience Teams across England. These national arrangements were strongly influenced by the structures and work that had already been undertaken in London. The Civil Contingencies Act broadened the responsibilities of the existing London Resilience Team's work, and established new statutory duties for the agencies involved in planning and response. The act established a governance structure based on Regional and Local Resilience Forums.  In London organisations who have duties under the Act form London Resilience Partnership.

In 2010 the function of London Resilience Team transferred from the Government Office for London to the Greater London Authority.  Legislation was revised in 2011 and the chair of the London Resilience Forum is now appointed by the Mayor. This provides for greater local oversight and coordination of resilience arrangements in London. 

The London Emergency Services Liaison Panel remains a vital component of London's emergency response.  However the London Resilience Partnership, coordinated through the London Resilience Team, has further developed and  refined its plans to ensure London is as prepared as possible for an emergency.

Our Future

As London continues to grow and change it is important that the arrangements and capabilities developed for emergencies remain fit for purpose. London Resilience Team continues to facilitate multi-agency emergency preparedness, ensuring that lessons from incidents are incorporated into London’s procedures to  maintain London's position as a resilient city.

You can find out more in the London Resilience Partnership Strategy.